Maintenance Leadership and Supervision Training and Coaching

Helping your team succeed is the surest way to achieve companywide success. But you could be holding them back.


Typical opportunities with Maintenance Leadership and Supervision

Bad supervision is given as the #1 reason people leave companies. It is also a leading cause for indifferent or poor performance.

You can tell someone what to do but they will not do it, or do it to their fullest ability if they do not care. So, many maintenance organizations are stuck in cycles of despair, in which their people work with their hands, not their hearts. Mired in mediocrity, they focus on working instead of improving.
Read moreThough maintenance supervisor skills are necessary to establish a vibrant workplace, they are often not taught to new managers.

Assumptions are made that if an individual succeeded in their previous role they can quickly transition to the supervisor role with little or no training. But this actually sets the employee up to fail because developing maintenance leadership and supervision skills are essential for a successful transition.

When they do provide management training, however, organizations often ignore differentiators for, and real-world examples relevant to, a maintenance supervisor, thereby diluting the effectiveness of their leadership development. Thus, they fail to recruit, develop and retain top maintenance talent, thereby increasing labor costs while decreasing productivity. .

It's how you lead

Effective maintenance leadership and supervision is about giving explanations—not directions. Managers must help people find their fit professionally and personally. Win your employees' hearts as well as their hands. Engage them by conveying their importance in attaining your organization's goals and the benefits that they will reap as a result.
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Successful leaders:
  • Build personal relationships
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Solve Problems
  • Develop themselves as well as others
  • Exhibit technical and professional expertise
  • Take initiative
  • Communicate powerfully and broadly
  • Collaborate and foster teamwork
  • Champion change
Leverage your leadership by teaching new supervisors to lead and refreshing the skills of experienced managers. Address the unique challenges and opportunities facing maintenance supervisors and managers.
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How we can help you create a transformational culture of success

People and Processes can help you improve performance and productivity through maintenance management training and consulting, reinforced with coaching and mentoring on supervision and people skills. These offerings can be integrated into an assessment and ensuing plan of Improvement or simply offered as a standalone activity customized to your environment.

Maintenance Management Training
Creating a reliability focused culture begins with leadership, empowerment, and generally requires culture transformation. Read more
Our maintenance leadership development course differs from standard off-the-shelf supervisor and manager training. Training to optimize maintenance performance is all we do, and we do it best.

Maintenance Leadership and Supervision Best Practices Implementation Guidance
As a maintenance supervisor, you have the responsibility to set expectations for your people, provide feedback on their performance, and guide their development. Read more
No one should get to a formal performance review and be surprised by the feedback. Learn to give feedback continuously and constructively.

Supervisor Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring in maintenance leadership and supervision can increase the return on your investment in training by helping you to implement the changes in culture and processes that will help make your organization best in class. Read more
From setting a vision and creating a purpose to developing yourself and others, People and Processes coaches can assist you in creating a proactive, reliability-focused environment through leadership, empowerment and culture transformation.

You owe it to your people to position them for success. Don't hold them back.


 Contact People and Processes to learn more about how our Maintenance Leadership and Supervision Training, Consulting and Coaching enable your people to succeed, thereby ensuring your organization's success as well.