24/7 365 days, as a manager you are an agent of the organization. Watch this short video as Jeff Shiver explains the concept and things managers should be aware of.



Hello. I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal at People and Processes. I want to share a thought with you today regarding leadership and supervision that might surprise you a little bit. I bet you've never really stopped to think about this but as a manager or as a supervisor, you're actually an agent of the organization.

Okay, you say, well what does that mean, Jeff?

It means that anything you do or say is construed as an act of the organization or should I say, can be construed as an act of the organization. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. What does that mean?

That means if you're off with your son and you're over playing baseball somewhere and you're at a game and Sally, for instance, comes up to you and she says, "You know, Jeff, I don't want you to worry about this. I'm taking care of it myself but just so you know, Fred at work, he's hitting on me and I'm not ready to go out with him on a date or whatever the case may be. I'm really not interested in doing that but I'll take care of it myself."

Recognize you now have to take care of it because you've been notified. Even though she told you to keep it quiet, whatever the case may be, you really need to go to HR, to human resources, and get some help with that because you may be sitting before a judge some two years later when this evolves into a sexual harassment suit. This could possibly happen and you would have to answer in a court of law why you chose to do nothing.

Recognize that whatever you do or whatever you say can be construed as an act of the organization, even when you're not at work. Just be aware. Hope you enjoyed the tip. I'm Jeff Shiver, managing principal at People and Processes. Have a great day.