Maintenance and reliability Training Course Schedule - Public courses

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RCM2 Introductory Training Course          (Duration: 3 days)

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to RCM2 and its principles. It is intended for those who are interested in understanding what RCM2 is and how it can be applied to define technically based maintenance and reliability programs. The application of RCM2 challenges the traditional approach to equipment maintenance by moving you from a breakdown and repair mentality to a culture of asset management. Not only does it revolutionize views about maintenance but also about how maintenance, operations and engineering should work together to drive asset performance.

November 7 - 9, 2017    |    Atlanta, GA      REGISTER NOW  

Maintenance and Reliability Technician Core Concepts Course         (Duration: 3 days)
Utilizing this 3 day Core Concepts Course provides Maintenance and Reliability Technicians a comprehensive overview of 20+ focus areas.

Not only do attendees benefit from the knowledge and skills gained in the course, they also gain a globally recognized CMRT certification when passing the optional CMRT exam. When coupled with the output from the optional CMRT exam, an organization is able to build individual development plans for workforce development.


    October 31 - November 2, 2017  | Knoxville, TN     Register Now

Maintenance Leadership and Supervision Training Course            (Duration: 3 days)
This three-day course will provide the attendees the knowledge and skills that managers and supervisors need to build successful and productive relationships with their direct reports, peers, and those above them. The course is designed for the experienced, as well as, entry-level manager of others with a desire to improve and polish their capabilities in Leadership and Supervision.

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course          (Duration: 3 days)
Our three (3) day comprehensive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course provides a combination of classroom education with hands-on exercises. For organizations that have the Maintenance Planner Scheduler function, we find that less than 10% are utilized effectively.  Our course is designed to ensure that attendees fully understand the Planner Scheduler role(s) along with expectations of the supporting roles such as the Maintenance Supervisor, and the Production Supervisor.

December 5 - 7, 2017     Milwaukee, WI  Register Now


Maintenance Storeroom/ Materials Management Training Course          (Duration: 3 days)
This three-day course is designed to help foster a partnership between the Maintenance and Storeroom or Materials Management professionals by establishing common goals and objectives for driving improved equipment reliability through efficient management of spare parts, information, and materials. In contrast with finding the "hidden plant" with respect to capacity through improved equipment reliability practices, the Storeroom or Materials Management area is the "hidden investment" where millions of dollars spare parts and consumables are stored, often without the benefit of the industry recognized "Best Practices" for improved efficiency.

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Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices Training Course      (Duration: 3 days)
An introduction to the Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. The three-day training course is designed to offer a high level, yet comprehensive overview of successful and cost-effective Maintenance practices, processes, core components, and systems.

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Maintenance & Reliability for Managers Training Course      (4 part series
This four-part curriculum is a fully integrated series designed to educate and provide hands-on interaction for the implementation of proactive maintenance and reliability behaviors in your manufacturing / facilities work environment. The interrelated parts of the curriculum are accomplished in four separate 3-day workshops with approximately 2-3 months between each workshop allowing the participants the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from each preceding workshop.

Week 1: Oct 3 - Oct 5 | Week 2: Dec 12 - Dec 14 | Week 3: Jan 23 - Jan 25 | Week 4: Mar 6 - Mar 8   Dallas, TX     REGISTER NOW