Cancellation Policy - For Public Training Courses

Cancellation Notice Period and Substitution Options:

No Cancellation Notice:

Failure to attend your course without prior notification will be considered a "no show" and the full course price is forfeit.

1 - 15 Business Days Cancellation Notice:

Only a student substitution will be allowed. Substitutions are allowed as late as 2:00PM Eastern Time one business day prior to the start of class.

Refunds or reschedules are not permitted.

16+ Business Days Cancellation Notice:

First Cancellation of the Class - The first time a student requests to cancel a specific class, the student may: (i) receive a full refund or (ii) reschedule the class.

Cancellation of a Rescheduled Class - If a student has previously rescheduled a class and does so again, a student's only option is to reschedule again.

If there are emergency circumstances that prevent a student from attending a class, appropriate documentation will be required.

Americans with Disabilities Act:

When registering by phone, mention any special accommodations you require in order to attend any of our courses listed. When registering by mail or fax, please attach a letter with your registration form explaining your needs.

People and Processes reserves the right to change pricing, registration terms, and conditions, to make changes to any of our products or programs described on this web site, or to change a course location or cancel a course at any time without notice or liability. People and Processes sole liability will be limited to the refunding of any fees paid in respect of the course and People and Processes shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever. People and Processes will endeavor to give enrollees as much advance notice as possible of any change to their enrollment.