Workforce Development (Apprenticeship, skills development and certification)

80 million people will leave the workforce by 2025. Many companies are struggling to fill skilled labor positions today. What are you doing to develop your people?

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Struggling to find qualified resources?

If your organization is like most, more than half, or perhaps as much as 70%, of your skilled maintenance technicians are at or nearing retirement age--and you are not prepared for their pending departures. This skilled labor crisis could compromise safety and impair productivity because upwards of 84% of failures are self-induced due to careless work habits, improper or no training, or human error. Self-induced failures are particularly prevalent—and especially damaging—in reactive environments, where maintenance professionals work long hours and unpredictable schedules to rectify recurring problems. Read more
Reactive environments cost organizations millions of dollars per year in asset availability and downtime. Such environments exact a human cost as well. Relentless physical and emotional strains exhaust workers, split families and sometimes even take lives. Unable to proactively identify and solve problems, companies with reactive environments are more likely to:

  • Jeopardize workers;
  • Hire for the wrong positions;
  • Squander employees’ potential;
  • Waste maintenance training dollars; and
  • Work short-staffed.
Effective maintenance workforce development eliminates these problems and creates efficiency. It also helps you attract and retain talent in the increasingly competitive labor market brought on by the skilled labor shortage.


Our maintenance workforce development consulting and education services improve productivity, reliability and safety because workers work best when they are trained, supported and motivated. Read more
  • Prevent incidents that would otherwise result in injury or death by properly employing safety, health, and environmental skills and knowledge that will enable you to take responsibility and corrective action.
  • Develop job descriptions and workforce training requirements based on the work your craftspeople must do to reliably maintain and operate your assets.
  • Maximize mean-time between failures by performing preventive and/or predictive maintenance according to the work plan in order.
  • Gain management and labor buy-in for training by evaluating your employees in terms of the knowledge that they need to be deemed most qualified.
  • Realize a return on your investment (ROI) in training by choosing programs and vendors based on individual development plans for your employees.

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Skills and Knowledge Needs Analysis
Determine your maintenance workforce needs by understanding your hiring and training requirements based on the work your craftspeople do on site.

Identify knowledge and skill bands that allow for pay progression and advancement.

Skills and Knowledge Assessment
In this phase, we offer two avenues for your organization’s success. The first is an enabler to better gain management and labor buy-in for maintenance workforce development. The second provides insight into existing capabilities and ways to increase them through training.
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People and Processes proctors the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) exam from the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). The exam assesses knowledge and competency in Maintenance and Reliability Practices; Preventive, Predictive and Condition-based Maintenance; Troubleshooting and Analysis Approaches; and Corrective Maintenance Actions.

We also assess electrical and mechanical craft knowledge through standardized testing for multi-skilled craftspeople. This helps you target areas for improvement.

Maintenance Reliability Skills Program
Our Maintenance Reliability Skills Program course helps your technicians acquire the knowledge and mechanical skills required in today's industrial maintenance environment. Read more
Earning the CMRT credential indicates that a maintenance and reliability technician is a well-rounded, multi-skilled professional who can work efficiently.

Even without sitting for the exam, our three-day CMRT Review Course is an excellent and holistic approach to educating your workforce on the knowledge and skills necessary for driving Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices.

Apprenticeship Program Development
Apprenticeship provides a progression path for your maintenance technicians while giving you a continuous program to fill skilled craftspeople vacancies within the organization. Read more
Establish pay-for-progression levels and oversight by management.

Maintenance workforce development helps you keep your assets running and your employees engaged by providing the right work to do and the skills and knowledge with which to do it properly.


Contact People and Processes to learn more about how we can help you improve productivity by developing a talented workforce that fulfills all of your organization's needs.