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Fewer than 10% of all Maintenance Planner Schedulers are utilized effectively. Many organizations, perhaps including yours, are stuck in a reactive maintenance cycle in which planning and scheduling may be ineffective at best and non-existent at worst.

Common challenges with Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Does this sound like your maintenance organization?

  • The weekly Maintenance schedule is simply a listing of work.
  • Worse yet, there is no Maintenance schedule other than PMs.
  • The bulk of the schedule are time-based intrusive PMs, primarily parts replacement.
  • Maintenance workers spend hours waiting on the equipment to become available for work, looking for equipment information to do the work, or chasing spare equipment parts to do the work.
  • Overtime is high and workers are burnt out or exhausted.
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Planning and Scheduling is a central component in a proactive reliability centered culture. The challenge for many smaller organizations is to keep the Planner Scheduler strategically focused on the future. Too often, the reactive chaos is allowed to pull the Planner Scheduler into the tactical today such as shagging parts for the Supervisor, who by nature is focused on today.

Solutions for Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Given its ability to help you avoid avoidable delays such as waiting on materials or looking for information, effective planning and scheduling can yield the greatest return on your investment in maintenance by increasing productivity and profitability. Every dollar spent on planning and scheduling saves three to seven dollars in execution.

Maintenance planning and scheduling can drive up technician wrench time, focusing your crafts on doing the right work and giving them the proper time and resources for doing so. The resulting improvements in asset availability flow to your organization's bottom line.
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Implementing proven processes and methodologies that streamline performance can also provide the following maintenance planning and scheduling benefits.

  • The right materials at the right time
  • Information to execute the work right (precision steps)
  • The equipment available for the work
  • Buy-in and job satisfaction from your team
  • Improved collaboration with other departments
  • Greater compliance with your Corrective and PM schedule
  • Reduced costs and failures
It’s not about working harder, it’s about being smarter.

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Some ways we guide you with Planning and Scheduling

People and Processes can help you increase productivity and profitability by improving maintenance planning and scheduling through our training, coaching and consulting services.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Assessment
Assessing factors both benefiting and prohibiting effective planning and scheduling within your organization will help you create an improvement strategy. Read more
Identify possible issues in areas like your backlog, planning support systems, and material procurement and delivery.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Streamline your maintenance performance by implementing proven processes and methodologies. Read more
Effective planning, scheduling and coordination of maintenance activities are the major components of achieving the objectives of best practices. People and Processes can help you implement best practices such as by helping you to:

  • Provide the right information for the technician to more easily perform the job;
  • Identify the right parts and materials, having them staged and kitted;
  • Interface with the Operations partner to ensure the equipment is available for Maintenance at the specified time; and
  • Ensure that the right priority Maintenance work is accomplished based on business needs.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring can help your Maintenance Planner Scheduler work more effectively. Read more
Our coach works side-by-side with the Planner Scheduler(s) to identify and remove obstacles, like by developing libraries of job plans for repetitive use and creating feedback forms and continuous improvement loops.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training

Onsite - Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Course (3 Day) for the Maintenance Planners. Schedulers, and Production Leadership.

Public - Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course (3 Day)

Effective maintenance planning and scheduling will make your organization more productive and profitable by making you more efficient.  


Contact People and Processes to learn more about how we can help you learn and implement maintenance planning and scheduling best practices.