About People and Processes, Inc,

Who we are…

People and Processes, Inc. is a global consulting and education services firm focused on the full spectrum of physical asset management from maintenance and asset reliability to operations optimization to assist you in achieving your targeted level of achievement. We measure our success by the results of our combined efforts and your success. This is our passion, our reason for being in business.

While most top consulting firms such as ours appear quite similar, there are differentiators. We partner with our clients at all levels of the organization and help you to navigate and solve the difficult issues. While many implement programs, we sustain lasting change, in both people’s behaviors and process optimizations.

Our people have global client experience executing many successful initiatives in virtually every industry. Our professional depth comes from years of experience delivering education and consulting services, and from successful initial industrial careers all centered on maintenance, reliability and operations.

What we do…

Most organizations are tired of uncertainty, so we implement sustainable reliability-centered processes and behaviors to make your future predictable. Doing so follows a logical path: assess the current state based on best practices, develop the gaps between the current state and the future desired state, redesign/optimize the existing processes, teach and train the personnel through implementation, and coach the behaviors until the desired results are achieved.

Whether your needs are to train personnel in a wide variety of courses, a full assessment of your asset management / operations processes, or a step in between, we can provide the results you require.

What we offer…

People and Processes, Inc. can provide a full complement of services tailored to your asset and operations management requirements.

Consulting Services

  • Assessments of maintenance, reliability, and operations processes
  • Strategic planning and sustainable implementations
  • Business process development/ work flows
  • Work Execution Management enhancements
  • Specific Planning and Scheduling process development
  • MRO and materials management process optimization

Education/Training Services

  • Reliability centered maintenance training (RCM/ RCM2) as a member of The Aladon Network
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling training
  • Materials management/ MRO/ Storeroom training
  • Leadership and supervision development and coaching
  • Technician training assessments
  • Computerized maintenance management system/ enterprise asset management (CMMS/ EAM) system services

What are our credentials…

Our education and training courses are recognized world-wide and focus on the areas listed above. People and Processes is pleased to be known as:

  • Aladon Network Member Company
  • A member of the Univ. of TN Reliability and Maintainability Center where our courses are approved for the Reliability & Maintainability Implementation Certification (RMIC®).