Recognize that equipment reliability is not just a Maintenance thing. Jeff Shiver CMRP uses this opportunity to describe approaches to build functional partnerships to drive improved equipment reliability.


Hello, I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal of People and Processes.

Today I want to share a thought with you regarding how you manage your relationships with Operations and other partners.

Some people say, "You know, Jeff, I struggle within Maintenance and we're trying to do all we can and we're trying to get our house in order, but we're not making any progress."

What I would say to you is, "Have you considered the partnership aspect?" In a previous video, we talked about how Maintenance only controls about 17% of the overall equipment reliability. Operations controls 21% and Engineering 23%. But if you think about it, between Operations and Maintenance, you have about two-thirds or three-quarters of all resources within any particular plant.

So that said, the leadership team, the top level of the site, they're focused on strategy and policy. "Where are we going to have the company picnic," and stuff like that. You guys are Operations and Maintenance. You're sitting together and you're dealing with the struggle of production lines and things like, "How are we going to deal with equipment reliability, availability? And how do we make that go every day?"

How do you partner with these guys? When I was a practitioner we created a team that was made up of Operations managers and Maintenance managers. This gave us an opportunity to educate each other. Operations was able to educate us on their concerns, and from a maintenance perspective, we were able to educate them on what were the best practices and how we had to have them to succeed.

In the end, we were able to control our destiny and to give back a huge amount of profits, or should I say, plant capacity, back into the facility. We also reduced waste and things like that and I'm certain that this was because we got together and we talked about what was mutually beneficial for both parties. We partnered on it and I encourage you to do the same.

Have a great day. Jeff Shiver, People and Processes.