A short tip on transforming to a proactive reliability centered culture. To get there and to sustain it, you must educate your people.


Hi, I wanted to spend a little time with you today talking about why education is so important.

People say, "Jeff, why can't we just jump right to the end solution and get the results?"

The challenge used to be is how do you sustain those results when you do that? I go to so many organizations in so many different verticals that it doesn't matter whether it's mining or Ohio State University or rapid transit, I can tell you that so many times you don't know what you don't know.

Education gives you a foundation and sets the expectation for what the end result is going to be. When we look at that from a best practices standpoint, realize that there are tons of industry best practices. You have to figure out how to adapt those best practice and it begins with education. You have to understand what other ways we can do it to adapt those best practices so that they become your best practices. Again, education is key to that. Start there. Thank you so much.