This three-day course will provide the attendees the knowledge and skills that managers and supervisors need to build successful and productive relationships with their direct reports, peers, and those above them. The course is designed for the experienced, as well as, entry-level manager of others with a desire to improve and polish their capabilities in Leadership and Supervision. Poor management creates a host of issues for companies which include lower productivity, poor morale and higher turnover rates in an economic climate where skilled people are increasing difficult to find much less hire and retain. In addition to building a strong and vibrant workplace, the course demonstrates the leadership and supervision skills necessary to help drive the change required to sustain corporate initiatives. Recognize that 80% of change is really changing the behaviors of the people in the organization.

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Who should attend:

  • Organizational personnel who are accountable for implementing proactive change
  • Maintenance Managers and Supervisors
  • Operations Managers and Supervisors
  • Materials and Storeroom Managers
  • Others who are likely promotable candidates

Are you 100% satisfied with your Maintenance Supervision?

All too often organizations promote Technicians to the role of supervision without the necessary training and mentoring. In other organizations, the journey from reactive to proactive leaves existing supervision unsure about their role. To address items like these, People and Processes is often asked to provide a coach to help the transition. To learn more, check out our Supervisor Coaching and Mentoring.

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"This course inspired me to be the Leader and Supervisor that my staff deserves.  Thank you for all of your insight and situational leadership tips."

Maintenance Supervisor

Oil and Gas    

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