One of the best ways to engage your maintenance people is to foster improved knowledge and skills. In this video, Jeff Shiver discusses the need to develop a schedule for maintenance training to get people excited about learning.


Hello. I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal of People and Processes. I wanted to share a tip with you today around enhancing your craft skills.

We've already talked in some cases about toolbox training. Many of you already know what that is and we talked about how we develop our craft skills using free vendor training. In addition to that one of the things that you really want to consider is creating a training calendar.

This is something you can schedule inside your computerized maintenance management system or you can keep it out on the side, but you really want to have a monthly calendar out there that shows, "Here's the different training courses that we're going to attend." You can get all the guys excited about it.

For example, the calendar could show that this week we're doing toolbox training from 1:00 to 2:00 in the shop, and two to three or four weeks from now we're doing another one of those. Maybe we've got a vendor coming in for about an hour or so to talk about something else. It gives the technicians something to look forward to by you doing this, so don't lose out. Put things together with a planning calendar and put training on that.

Have a great day. I'm Jeff Shiver of People and Processes.