University of Tennessee - Reliability & Maintainability Center

We are happy to be partnered with UTK-RMC to bridge between industry and academia to provide education, research and development, and information exchange in the application of reliability and maintenance engineering tools and concepts.

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About our partnership


People and Processes, Inc. is a registered Reliability & Maintainability Center Training Partner. With our training, students of University of Tennessee - Knoxville can earn their Reliability & Maintenance Implementation Certification (RMIC) and begin their career as R&M practitioners. All of our courses, onsite and public, count as education and continuing education credits toward the RMIC. Classes hosted by us count as one of your three required Training Partner credits. If you attend a class hosted by UTK, you may choose to count it as one of your three Training Partner credits, or as a UTK-RMC required course.

Classes taught onsite at UT - Knoxville are denoted on our Courses Page with the logo to the left. However, students may attend any of our classes for credits. We also offer the optional Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician (CMRT) exam for students.