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RCM3 Facilitator Advanced Training Course

The RCM3™ Facilitator Course is a 10-day course introducing the skills necessary to successfully lead an RCM3 analysis. An experienced Aladon Certified Practitioner will teach you to understand the competencies of a facilitator through classroom application and coaching using real world case studies.

An RCM3 analysis conducted by a competent facilitator significantly increases asset performance while improving safety and environmental compliance and reducing risk (physical and economic) and unexpected costs. A qualified facilitator will maximize the quality and consistency of the asset reliability program and support the resulting cultural change. During the Advanced RCM3 Facilitator training the concepts of RCM3 are reinforced and the participants apply these by practicing their facilitation skills in a controlled, coached environment.

By Participating in This Course, You Will:

  • Acquire the competencies required to successfully lead an RCM3 analysis (more coaching may be required).
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the RCM3 concepts and methodology.
  • Learn how to generate consensus regarding technical problems and their solutions.
  • Apply the methodology through coached formal case studies and on real assets to ensure sensible and defensible results.
  • Develop your facilitation skills in a controlled, coached environment.
  • Understand how to use REW RCM3 software to facilitate an RCM3 analysis.
  • Get a 30-day free trial of REW RCM3 software.

Length of Course:

  • 10 days

Recommended Participants:

  • Reliability Improvement/Change Leaders
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Reliability Engineers / Specialists
  • Core Team Members


  • RCM2 or RCM3 (preferred) Introductory Course: Delegates who attended an RCM2 Introductory Course may require additional coaching during the course.

Course Materials:

  • Facilitation Reference Guides
  • RCM3 Posters
  • RCM3 Case Studies, Exercises and Solution Sets
  • REW Software Training Guide for RCM3 Software

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