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A short video on how to utilize our videos for your success. Some of our videos are leadership scenarios where we suggest you pause the video and discuss your next steps with your team before continuing on. A number of groups also use our videos in team settings to determine how to implement the suggestions.


Hello. We wanted to share with you a few ways you might think about using our videos. Over the years we've gotten a lot of feedback.

As an individual we encourage you to listen and then realize change starts with you. It only takes one. With that said, what other people do is they actually view the videos as a team and when they sit down and they view the videos, they then have a discussion. They ask the question to each other "Hey, is this a best practice that we can implement within our organization?" Or, "How can we improve on the processes that we already have?"

Now with that said, I also want to tell you with regard to the leadership scenarios that we'll discuss. Those videos will actually encourage you to pause the video and to talk about what you might do as the manager or supervisor and then next steps. Then we'll ask you to start the video again and from that, then we'll actually share what might could have happened to get you thinking again about how you might have approached that particular situation.

With that said, what we also enjoy is the feedback that you give us so we really encourage you to talk to us. Send us emails at info@peopleandprocesses.com or leave comments on the video itself. Thank you so much. Hey, go do something with these videos.