Coaching and Mentoring for Maintenance and Reliability

Seventy percent of all implementations fail.  The challenge isn't doing the training or planning. It is implementing and sustaining.  


Common struggles in the Maintenance and Reliability world

Training is only part of a solution when on the journey to the Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. We often see the following:

  • We sent the Planner Scheduler off to training, yet we still are not planning and scheduling.
  • Production just has not bought in to the concepts
  • After the money we spent on educating the Storeroom Coordinator, I don't understand why they have not gotten rid of the obsolete inventory yet.
  • We paid for an assessment and reviewed the report. Why has the Maintenance Manager not got moving on reducing the equipment failures?

Examples of coaching and mentoring activities

Coaching and mentoring can increase the return on your investment in training by helping you to implement the changes in culture and processes that will help make your organization best in class. Read more
Typical Coaching and Mentoring Activities include:

  • Job shadowing (“day in the life” approach) to understand current culture and other factors that can benefit or prohibit implementation of Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices
  • Review of documented roles and responsibilities for alignment of goals
  • Interviews of personnel to ensure clarity of purpose
  • Review of metrics to support best practices, including targets and performance
  • Evaluation of depth and breadth of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program
  • Review of percentages of proactive vs. reactive work
  • Review of CMMS functionality to support best practices
  • Assessment of Standard Operating Procedures and level of deployment
  • Operator care and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities
  • Analysis of workflow processes for effectiveness and adherence
  • Optimization of preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Training and development for Crafts and Managers to support best practices

Solutions to move your organization forward

Many organizations struggle to implement the Best Practices. So much so that 70% of all implementations fail. What many lack is a guide to help them on the journey. Someone who has the experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Someone that can adapt quickly and hit the ground running to make a difference. People and Processes has coaches that guide your next steps in improving performance and reducing costs, and provide you the satisfaction of having all of the entities in your organization pulling in the same direction.

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring in Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices can help you maximize the value of your maintenance operation by assisting you in making the improvements that you need, and perhaps have already identified through training and education. Read more
People and Processes coaches help you break the cycle of reactivity, guiding you in implementing best practices such as effectively planning and scheduling and creating critical metrics for success. Conducting a Benchmarking Assessment prior to the coaching activity can accelerate and increase the return on your investment even further.

CBM, PM and PdM Coaching and Mentoring
Learn and implement the principles, techniques, tools and processes for establishing best practices for preventive maintenance (PM), predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition-based maintenance (CBM). Read more
Here are just a few ways that People and Processes can help you avoid failures through coaching and mentoring in PM, PdM and CBM.

  • Recognize the role of non-intrusive inspections in driving equipment reliability.
  • Know the types of predictive maintenance and when to apply the techniques.
  • Know Operations and equipment owner involvement.
  • Learn techniques for effective project startups and commissioning that build in effective equipment reliability and life-cycle costing.

CMMS/EAM Implementation Guidance
Maximize the return on your investment in your CMMS by leveraging best practices in implementation and configuration. People and Processes has extensive experience in helping organizations successfully implement CMMS/EAM systems. Read more
For example, we can help you understand the value of your PM or PDM program by inserting a work type, “condition-corrective maintenance,” into your CMMS. This basically tells us, "What are we actually finding from PM or PDM activities?" By simply adding that and ensuring that people are using it when they find issues from inspections or condition monitoring approaches, we can actually track work and measure maintenance management effectiveness.

Executive Engagement Coaching and Mentoring

Optimize the value of your maintenance operation by boosting executives' understanding of maintenance and reliability best practices, outlining the performance roadmap that you need to produce change, and developing a plan of improvement that management supports.

People and Process can help you obtain executive support by translating your organization’s business goals into appropriate maintenance and reliability goals that support and contribute to overall results. Read more
Establish the foundation for best practices by:

  • Demonstrating how reliability drives your business
  • Communicating the mission and vision
  • Developing partnerships and commitment
  • Building the business case (return on investment)
  • Explaining that this is really culture change
People and Processes coaches will guide you in the implementation of maintenance and reliability best practices that will positively impact the levels of health, safety, environmental, and operational capacity in your organization.

Reliability Engineering Coaching and Mentoringing
Reliability engineering helps you manage risk by influencing when, why and how assets fail—and preparing for you when they do. Read more

If your maintenance organization is proactive, you can strive for higher availability, lower costs and longer asset life. Assets may fail but not catastrophically.

A coach can work side-by-side with you to help you implement the reliability engineering concepts, tools and processes that enable you to improve productivity and profitability.

Maintenance Leadership and Supervision Coaching and Mentoring
From setting a vision and creating a purpose to developing yourself and others, People and Processes coaches can assist you in creating a proactive, reliability-focused environment through leadership, empowerment and culture transformation. Read more

As a maintenance supervisor, you have the responsibility to set expectations for your people, provide feedback on their performance, and guide their development.

No one should get to a formal performance review and be surprised by the feedback. Learn to give feedback continuously and constructively.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Coaching and Mentoring
Our coach works side-by-side with the Planner Scheduler(s) to identify and remove obstacles, like by developing libraries of job plans for repetitive use and creating feedback forms and continuous improvement loops.

Maintenance Metrics Best Practices Implementation Coaching and Mentoring
Introducing or revising organizational metrics requires training for all stakeholders, not just maintenance personnel. Read more

People and Processes assists you in educating stakeholders so that the standard metrics that you might take for granted, such as “schedule compliance,” are understood by all.

Using this metric alone as an example, questions like, “What counts toward the metric?,” “When is the cutoff point that items can be added to the schedule and count?” and “What is a scheduled job?” should be addressed from an educational perspective. We coach you in how to explain metrics and their benefits so that you can gain organization-wide support.

Maintenance Storeroom Management Coaching and Mentoring
Our coach will assist you in improving materials management and reducing storeroom costs by taking each step with you, from laying out your storeroom to creating a First In, First Out (FIFO) process, for example. You can also learn and implement the principles, techniques, tools and processes essential to establishing best practices for maintenance materials management. Read more
Here are just a few ways that People and Processes can help you with coaching and mentoring in maintenance storeroom management.
  • Eliminate duplicate stock numbers and descriptions for like parts.
  • Improve preventive maintenance of storeroom components.
  • Learn storeroom layout techniques.
  • Partner with other stakeholders like Project Engineering and Maintenance.
  • Reduce and eliminate undocumented withdrawals.
This function must partner with the maintenance organization to support the proactive maintenance activities (planned and scheduled maintenance work), as well as the reactive responses (unplanned emergency or urgent responses).

Defect Elimination Program Implementation and Coaching
Prevent potential failures or keep actual ones from recurring by identifying and correcting defects. Standardize processes to ensure that you analyze defects properly and consistently and that you address them in a timely manner. Read more
People and Processes will help you analyze workflow processes for effectiveness and adherence and to use problem-solving techniques to eliminate defects. Implement or refine continuous improvement processes as well.

Operator Driven Reliability Implementation and Coaching
Operators often know their equipment best. Improve reliability and profitability through an operator-driven reliability (ODR) program that involves them in assessing equipment conditions. Read more
People and Processes can create an efficient ODR program through effective strategic planning and communication. We can also assist you in leveraging the proper analytical tools and in training employees across departments.

Knowing best practices does not make you a best-in-class organization. You must practice what you learn to reap benefits like improvements in employee well-being, workplace safety and operational capacity. Coaches can help.


Contact People and Processes to learn more about how we can help you increase the return on your investment in training and create the proactive reliability-centered environment that you seek, by providing you with coaching and mentoring for maintenance and reliability.