Public Course

Immersive, hands-on training

The best value for four or fewer attendees.  We offer the highest quality education at a competitive price. Additionally, all of our courses count as credit for UTK's RMIC Certification.

Upcoming public course dates:

    • Louisville, KY

      Sept 10-12, 2024                Week 1
      Oct  1-3
      , 2024                  Week 2
      Nov 12-14, 2024             Week 3
      Dec 3-5, 2024                  Week 4


On-site Course

We'll bring our expertise to you!

Ideal for implementing company-wide culture change, and/or greater than four attendees. We bring our master instructors to you, so you can spend more time learning and implementing new strategies. Perfect for companies with a smaller travel budget. Additionally, you can get personalized answers to your most burning questions.

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In Person or Virtual Interactive Instructor Led

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Bring us onsite!


Maintenance and Reliability for Managers: 4-Part Series           RMC full RMIC Approved Course

This four-part curriculum is a fully integrated series designed to educate and provide hands-on interaction for the implementation of proactive maintenance and reliability behaviors in your manufacturing / facilities work environment. The interrelated parts of the curriculum are accomplished in four separate 3-day workshops with approximately 2-3 months between each workshop allowing the participants the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from each preceding workshop.

The workshops are structured to guide the participants, step-by-step through the implementation process of a reliability improvement process. This 4 part series is very similar to the six course certification program for the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Manager but allows more time between the course weeks for application of the concepts. 

Who should attend:

Organizational personnel who are accountable for implementing process and equipment change, or maintaining equipment, to include Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers and Supervisors, Operations Managers and Supervisors, and Maintenance or Reliability Engineers.

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