Join Jeff Shiver for a tip on Leadership and Supervision entitled "Reinvent yourself for the Role". All too often, Supervisors and Managers transition from one role to another and fail to realize the need to adapt to that new role. Furthermore, they impede their progress by saddling themselves with "baggage: from their previous roles. Especially when moving from one site to another, refuse to carry the baggage with you.


Hello. I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal for People and Processes. I want to share a personal leadership tip with you today.

I see many of you changing jobs and going from one position to another within the same company and I wanted to share this with you. When I was a practitioner, I went through many different roles, reliability technician, operations manager, maintenance manager, engineer, on and on and on. What I found out was that every time you leave a position, it's an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

What I mean by that is you have to be a constant learner first. Try to learn everything you can about the new position, the people you're going to be involved with, and things like that.

At the same time, look back at the past. Take the things that work well with you and the stuff, the baggage, and leave it behind. The stuff that didn't work well, learn from it, but leave it behind and go forth and succeed. Be successful in your new role, but to do that, recognize you might have to reinvent yourself. Hope you enjoyed the tip. I'm Jeff Shiver, managing principal of People and Processes. Have a great day.