Often in meetings following the shifts where Production fails to make their numbers, all eyes shift to the Maintenance Manager to explain the equipment failure. Reality is that equipment reliability requires a partnership as other groups own a larger percentage. Join Jeff Shiver as he explains the partnerships necessary for equipment reliability.


Hello, I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal of People and Processes. I wanted to share some thoughts with you regarding equipment reliability today.

How much of the overall equipment reliability is controlled by maintenance? What do you think? I often hear 60%, 70%, 80%. Well, studies have found that typically about 17% is actually controlled by maintenance.

If it is 17% Jeff, what about Operations? What percentage to they control? Well, it is typically around 21%, which goes to show you, that no matter how well you maintain a particular piece of equipment, if it's operated incorrectly, there's no maintenance in the world that can keep it running.

What about Engineering? Other studies have actually shown that 60-70% of the equipment reliability is determined on the drafting table itself, during the design phase. For the purpose of this study, what they found is that 23% of the overall equipment reliability was controlled by Engineering.

What about procurement and storeroom, and the management philosophies? They all play a role, just to a lesser degree.

What it goes to show you though is that at the end of the day, equipment reliability is not just a Maintenance thing. It takes a partnership between all of the different functions within the organization to become successful with equipment reliability and managing costs.

I hope you enjoyed the tip, I'm Jeff Shiver of People and Processes. Have a great day.