From a maintenance schedule compliance perspective, we look for 85-90% schedule compliance. What about schedule success? Jeff Shiver CMRP takes a few minutes in this short video to contrast the differences between the two metrics.


Hello, I am Jeff Shiver, managing principal of People and Processes.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you regarding Schedule Compliance versus Schedule Success. Many of you are already familiar with Schedule Compliance. With Schedule Compliance we are getting credit for work that we have completed during the course of a week that was actually on the schedule.

"Schedule success?," you say, "Well I have never heard of that metric. Where does that come from, Jeff?"

Well it comes from Doc Palmer's Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook. What Doc is trying to do, is trying to give credit for starting a job even though you did not complete it. Whereas scheduled compliance only gives you credit if you completed a job itself.

Let's look at that. Let's just take a simple number. Say we've have a schedule of 10 work orders for next week and during the course of the week we complete eight of those. This gives us a schedule compliance of 80%.

Now, contrast that to Doc's intent. He is saying, "OK,  well we started out with 10 but I started 9 so rather than the technician going back to the shop and spending an hour on Thursday when he could have actually done some other job, started it, this is where I am going to give him credit."

We started nine but in reality we only completed 8 work orders. What we are going to do is we are going to give credit for that job. We are going to give a 90% and that is the difference between schedule compliance and schedule success.

The problem with schedule success is that it has to be manually calculated. There is no CMMS system out there that can give credit for schedule success because the hours have not been inputted yet. Typically most work orders are not completed until the technician finishes the job and that actually comes into the computerized maintenance management system. So that is the difference between schedule compliance and scheduled success.

I hope you enjoyed the tip today. I am Jeff Shiver of People and Processes. Have a great day.