When building job plans for corrective maintenance, what are the components you should consider? Join Jeff Shiver as he describes some of the components necessary for developing great job plans.


Hello. I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal of People and Processes. Today I want to share with you the components of a great job plan.

To start out, we need estimated hours. How long do we expect the job to last, and how many hours per craft as an example? Which crafts are required? Maybe we need an electrician to disconnect the motor, a mechanic to work on the gear box and an electrician to come back and reconnect the motor. To do that we might use child work orders, or parent-child relationships if you will.

We also need to understand the materials that we need and any kind of safety issues, like permits that are required, lock-out tag-out or safe clearance. There may be lots of choices depending on your site.

What are the tasks and sequence? We're looking for precision maintenance steps. What is the belt tension using the spring tension gauge? Or what are the torque settings that we should be using? Then maybe some pictures, drawings, or some cut sheets from the OEM to help us provide that precision information.

Are there any special tools or equipment that we may need? Maintenance guys really like it when they start getting job plans that have this information because now when they climb up the scaffold to go up a ladder on top of a silo and they need a two-inch wrench, you told them advance, "Hey you need a two-inch wrench." So, they can carry that up with them when they make the climb. I know I really appreciate this as opposed to having to go back and forth many times, trying to figure out once I get to the job site what I need. Tell them in advance.

I also like to include items like consumables. I might need shop towels as an example.

What's the job cost, both in labor and parts? Typically that's part of the approval process, but I like to use it too so it helps me understand where I'm at.

Then what disposable housekeeping items might you have?

These are all great steps in the job plan, great parts of a job plan. What else might you add?

I hope you enjoyed today's tip. I'm Jeff Shiver, managing principal of People and Processes. Have a great day.