Often organizations want to promote Technicians from within to the role of a Maintenance Planner Scheduler and become frustrated when none apply. Join Jeff Shiver CMRP of People and Processes as he explores some ideas that you may want to consider before posting your next Maintenance Planner Scheduler position


Hello. I'm Jeff Shiver, Managing Principal of People and Processes. Oftentimes we get asked questions around hiring a new planner.

One of the common mistakes I see organizations make is with regards to when they post the planning position itself. What they do is they go out and post the position at some level of pay that doesn't take into account technicians' overtime, and the company says you can't count the overtime. Well, we're trying to take positions and we're trying to encourage a feeder process where we're taking technicians, ideally your best craftsperson and putting them into a planner role where they can help the other technicians succeed and drive increased wrench time.

To do that, we really want an internal process as opposed to hiring from the outside in most cases. If we don't at least make the pay for the planner position equivalent to that the technicians are currently earning, there's no way in the world that they're going to apply for the job in most cases. There are always some exceptions. A guy wants to get off grave shift and come on the day shift, or something like that, but reality is we've got to match the pay. Pay becomes one of the most important key components of the planner piece.

When you're posting the position, be sure that you factor in components like overtime when you're putting the pay in to the position itself.

Hope it helps you. I'm Jeff Shiver from People and Processes. Have a great day.