Many sites struggle to run their equipment reliably. Most don’t know where to start their improvement efforts.

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Our Three-Phased Approach

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Assessment, Strategic Implementation Roadmap

  • Nothing much is working right in Maintenance or Reliability overall.
  • We don't have a strategic roadmap on how to fix it.

CBM, PM and PdM Proactive Tasks

  • PM procedures consist of one line - "Check Pump"? 
  • You fix it, but it breaks again unexpectally.
  • Our weekly PMs account for 85-90% of our work


  • Our asset hierarchy stops at the equipment center, we lack BOMs, and have no nameplate data
  • We don't have good metrics and the data is useless

Executive Engagement and Support

    • We can't meet our financinal targets and customer demand.
    • Costs and downtime are rising but we can't get upper management support and funding for change.

Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

  • We don't have a basis for our maintenance strategies.
  • Things we fixed constantly fail again. We don't have the data to understand why.
  • We don't understand the condition of our assets

Maintenance Leadership and Supervision

  • Overcoming, "we've been doing it that way for 20 years".
  • We can't seem to get the people engaged.

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Coordination

  • We are constantly looking for parts or info to do the job.
  • Our weekly schedule is doomed before it gets handed out.

MRO Storerooms, and Materials Management

    • A large portion of our inventory is obsolete
    • We don't have a PM program for larger rotating spare parts
    • Our part descriptors are wrong

Operations Excellence (Defect Elimination, Operator Driven Reliability)

  • No matter how well you maintain a particular piece of equipment, if it's operated incorrectly, there's no maintenance in the world that can keep it running.

Workforce Development (Skills, Apprenticeship)

    • We never get any training in the Maintenance group
    • There is no path for development
    • With no training, we rely on tribal knowledge and our experiences

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"I chose to send all my newly appointed managers and foreman to the People and Processes’ Maintenance and Reliability for Managers Four-Part Series for many reasons. " 

Director of Maintenance

Large metropolitan Water and Sewer Authority


"I think regardless of your level of expertise in the field, the four - part series is very beneficial. I probably pull out my course material once or twice a month to review what metrics should I be looking for to keep moving us towards World Class."

Project Facilitator: Strategic Maintenance Program

Rapid Transit/ Subways


"The instructor has experience to understand that every situation is different and you must make planning work at you facilities while still maintaining the principles."

Maintenance Supervisor

Oil and Gas  


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