In your organization, is Maintenance considered “a necessary evil”? Are you tired of fighting the cycle of reactivity where every day is bombarded with unplanned emergencies that create downtime and other losses? Are you new to the Maintenance role and are trying to put together a strategy for improvement?

Attend this course to learn the needed components necessary for a proactive Reliability-Centered culture. Components like roles and responsibilities, real Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, materials management, Maintenance Supervision (not from behind a desk), and much more.

Learn How to Establish and Sustain a Proactive Reliability-Centered Culture using our Step-by-Step Model

  1. Establishing the Foundation
  2. Engaging the People
  3. Leading the Change
  4. Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  5. Developing Processes and Procedures
  6. Tools for Proactivity
  7. Secure and Sustain for the Future      

This course is based on the practical application of Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. It defines all of the components for a proactive reliability-centered organization.

 August 22 - 24, 2017     Detroit, MI  

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This course is intended for:

  • Plant Managers and Executive Leadership
  • Corporate Management
  • Operations Managers and Shift Supervisors
  • Maintenance Managers and Supervisors
  • Procurement/ Purchasing/Materials Managers
  • Engineering Managers

*For courses brought on-site, an option is available to proctor the CMRP Certification for attendees*

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"Attending this course with some of my staff helped get all of our departments on the same page.  Now we are working toward a partnership with Maintenance, Operations, Production and Management."

Maintenance Manager

Mining Industry

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