Operational Processes and Procedures

Reliability and capacity improvements require a commitment from both Maintenance and Operations. Do your operators have written procedures for the operation of production equipment? What about startup checklists and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for changeovers as an example? Have you integrated methodologies like Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) to improve tooling and other changeovers? What about Operators who do minor maintenance activities, do they utilize operational processes and procedures or is it from memory?

Operational processes and procedures ensure a standardized approach to all activities performed. No organization can afford numerous ways to accomplish activities, nor can it afford additional opportunities to induce failure from lack of defined and documented operational process and procedures.

Operational process and procedures are the foundation for new operator orientation and training. Most organizations have no formal training program for new operators; typically new employees are mentored by another operator who may or may not transfer all the necessary knowledge to proper, safely, and efficiently operator the equipment. To ensure the necessary knowledge is transferred each time operational processes and procedures are critical. The ultimate goal is these operational processes and procedures are the organizations Best Practices documented and trained to each operator (new or existing).

People and Processes uses an integrated approach to harmonize the interactions between Maintenance and Operations to drive reliability and capacity improvement across the organization. The development and documentation of operational processes and procedures may include the development of operational checklists, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), proper equipment operation guides and changeover procedures.